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2021 Wedding Jewellery Trends : Some Thoughts

2020 has been a very unusual year, with COVID and many well planned weddings have been disrupted with lockdowns and circuit breakers.  2021 will present challenges (who says life is always predictable) and we decided to sit down with Agneta, one of our designers, to find out if there are new design trends that we can look forward to that reflect the sign of our times.

Q : Looking back at the year, how has COVID 19 affected the way in which most couples view their wedding plans?

A : With lockdowns and circuit breakers, many people have been forced to scale back their wedding plans – it isn’t something that can be prevented.  Most people would prefer to be safe, than be sorry and couples all over the world had the same theme in mind, safety first, because there is always a chance to have another wedding ceremony with cherished family members and friends in the future.  In fact we know that couples have actually started planning a second wedding to be set in the future when it is safe to hold a second wedding ceremony.

Q : What about wedding trends in 2021?

A : The lockdowns and circuit breakers created a perfect opportunity for couples to examine their priorities and the opportunity to work out the type of wedding that they want.  We have seen couples who have held their wedding ceremonies via Zoom and we have seen new industries like Virtual DJs, Virtual officiators spring up and are warmly received.  Naturally when these important occasions are held via Zoom, we have multiple camera angles to capture the wedding ceremony.  The most important trend which I think will become larger in 2021 are jewellery that can been seen worn waist up – so we are talking about statement designs, larger but lightweight earrings, pearl necklaces with enhancers that can double up later as a pendant or a brooch.

Q : What about colours?

A : Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020 is Classic Blue and we have no reason to think that the colour of the year for 2021 to deviate by a huge lot.  Maybe a lovely Cerulean or as many have anticipated, A.I. Aqua.  Blues usually work beautifully with bridal jewellery as a component of “Something Blue”. When I talk about blue gemstones, I’m sure the Sapphire Ring on the late Princess Diana’s finger immediately springs to mind, or the same sapphire ring that currently graces the finger of Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton).  For brides looking to create a statement ring, they have a choice of stunning blue stones, including the ubiquitous Blue Sapphire.  Brides can also look at Blue Topaz, Aquamarines, Spinels and other stones to create a piece of bridal jewellery that is incredibly personal to celebrate their joyous occasion even during these trying times.

Q : What will be the current staples or what we consider to be “safe” choices when it comes to engagement and wedding rings?

A: Halo rings will always be a staple design when we are talking about weddings, as will solitaires and three stone rings.  Prior to 2020, it is almost traditional to only have white gold or platinum for wedding and engagement rings.  However, as 2020 transcended, there has been a visible uptick worldwide for the comforting tones that yellow gold brings.  Up to this point, I believe yellow gold will make a significant come back from 2021 onwards – anything that will bring the joy and warmth of the sun and all the positivity that the colour yellow can bring.  Diamonds will always be something that couples look at – there has been an increasing trend for couples to look for rings featuring coloured stones as the main stone with diamond melees on the side.  Usually these would reflect maybe the birthstone of the bride.  Secret messages and inscriptions inside the rings are also something that couples consider when they are designing their rings.

Q : What would you suggest for the bride that doesn’t really dig the halo ring trend or the solitaire settings?

A : Weddings have become intensely personal – when the couple has to choose the limited number of guests that can actually be on site for the ceremony.  We are beginning to see more couples opting for a two stone ring, a classic Moi et Toi symbolising the new couple’s step into their new life as a family unit – a consolidation of a bond of Me and You.  Such rings usually feature classics although we have seen two stone rings in an unusual combination of a faceted brilliant and an old mine cut diamond, or rose cut diamonds with another gemstone.  Such rings are incredibly wearable not only just for the wedding day but for everyday wear as well.  Salt and Pepper diamonds are also popular as wedding rings – an apt symbol for growing old together.  If the bride has an idea, I am very sure that the jeweller will be able to bring that idea to life and assist the couple in the choice of stones and the design that would go along with it.  That’s essentially what we are Kinchos do – we make your ideas come to life as much as we are able.

Q : Any bridal ideas for minimalist and/or environmentally conscious brides?

A : For the bride who loves Marie Condo and enjoy living a minimalistic lifestyle, we would generally recommend a single stone ring in rose cut diamond – I prefer this to be done in a bezel set style to protect the diamond for daily wear.  Rose cut diamonds are the quintessential classic for the minimalist – quiet, elegant and simply beautiful.

Environmentally conscious brides can opt for pre-owned jewellery, or estate jewellery but you would need to do your research, especially on the history behind the rings and why the owner decided to let it go.  You would also need to examine the jewellery for signs of wear and tear that will reduce its utility. You can redesign your heirlooms into something modern, that you would be glad to wear.  You can also ask for your bridal jewellery to be made from gold that has been recycled – but be forewarned that the recycling process of turning scrap into gold isn’t exactly environmentally friendly.

Thank you for the insight, Agneta!

If you have any questions, you can send them via our contact us link and we will reply as quickly as possible!  We hope that this short interview provides more insight into bridal jewellery trends!

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